RSR1089: Li-Polymer battery Qi-compliant Wireless Power charger using IDT P9025AC and Linear Technology LTC4054-4.2 ICs



RSR integrated in its design code RSR1089 a Qi-compliant Wireless Power charger for a 1100mAh single cell Li-Polymer battery. 


The IDT P9025AC integrated circuit manages the comunication and the power trasmission with any Qi-compliant wireless charger trasmitter.


The LTC4054-4.2 IC by Linear Technology is a complete constant-current/constant voltage linear charger for single cell lithium batteries able to deliver current up to 800mA.


The combined use of these two integrated circuits allowed RSR to design a Qi-compliant Wireless Power charger in a very small PCB area, about 3.5cm2, easily integrable in every design.